Bet on Hearthstone eSports Events

hearthstoneWe have put everything but the kitchen sink into offering you everything you need to know about betting on Hearthstone. It is worth exploring the best odds and welcome bonuses a little bit before betting on Hearthstone. It takes time to browse the site and do a bit of homework, but follow our guide and his will ensure the you are equipped in the best possible way for the road ahead.

Where can I find the best bonus when betting on Hearthstone?

The best eSports bonus you can wager on Hearthstone can be found on this page. Search through the different types of bonuses and then choose one or two depending on the type of bet you want to put down. Be sure you know Hearthstone inside out before making any fast decisions to avoid any titanic mistakes early on!

What are the best eSports betting sites for betting on Hearthstone?


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Different types of Hearthstone bets

One of the main betting area Hearthstone is “tournament outright” -bettet. Simply put, you bet money on the player you think will win the whole tournament. Since tournaments often tend to be very large, with many players vying for the podium, so the odds of the players is very high. Of course, reduces the odds the better a player is and the better the reputation of the player about himself, but also top players will still generate odds higher than 5.00. The smaller the tournament, the lower the odds of the game.

Betting on individual Hearthstone games

Individual matches can hold the key to big rewards when betting Hearthstone. But remember that the odds can much lower so you will need to risk more to make your hand worthwhile. During the major Hearthstone tournaments such as Blizzard’s homegrown tournament BlizzCon, you can also bet on what stage a particular player will get to. For example; semifinals, finals, or even they will go out of the game in the quarterfinals. Look for big name players to bet on such as Sebastian “Ostkak” Engwall and Daniel “Artosis” Stemkoski since these guys have history of packing a punch and going far when it matters.

Best betting tips on Hearthstone

Pinnacle is one of the best eSports betting site who cover the bulk of Hearthstone tournaments. They keep their offerings up to speed and cover all the big Hearthstone tournaments and matches and they are known for their competitive Hearthstone odds. Another good eSports betting site to sign up with is BetWay who offer a solid eSports product and most games including Hearthstone. Recently BetWay announced a promotion via their eSports page that Hearthstone should participate in the 2030 Winter Olympics! Although it will take fifteen years or so until we get to know if it actually happens! But a fun promo all the same.

Follow Hearthstone games on Twitch

Where would we be without Twitch – it is awesome. Via Twitch you can not only live stream Hearthstone games, but also check out older Hearthstone tournaments. offers channels in different languages including both Swedish and English, and the range of their eSports offering is large to say the least. We bet you will find exactly the matches you are looking for to watch. Twitch is such a great tool that we recommend you to register on the website to get the full 360. Signing up allows you full access to follow the matches, chat with other viewers, receive messages during live broadcasts and learn more about your favourite players.

Stay up to date with Hearthstone Matches, Rankings and Statistics

Alongside Twitch be sure to add to your bookmarks. is a great tool for accessing up to date eSports information in one place. On you can scroll through lists of current Hearthstone games, see how they ended up or how far away a tournament is. also allows you to get news and information about players, matches and events in one place. has also started streaming eSports games in cooperation with Twitch. Rankings, statistics and all the different game cards used in Hearthstone are available to view on and there is a very well crafted forum and a popular deck builder service that allows you to freely create card truly is a website for both a new and experienced Hearthstone punter.