Where to Bet on Starcraft 2 eSports Events?

starcraft_2Where would eSports be without Starcraft 2? A majestic game in all respects. Starcraft 2 is to be spoken in the same breath as League of Legends. Hammered on by South Korea as the ultimate eSports game, Starcraft 2 is a strategy game in a science fiction fantasy world. You will encounter different players and teams facing each other, often locked in immense long battles.

Where can I find the best bonus for betting on LoL?

Finding a bonus and betting on Starcraft 2 is easy if you follow our simple steps on this site. Below on this page there is a table packed full of bonus offers from the best eSports betting sites. You will be able to bet with your welcome bonus in the usual fashion on the player or the team who will win a tournament or an individual game within a tournament. Of course it is is also possible to lay a team via the likes of Betfair or even bet on exactly how far a team will go in a specific tournament – finals, semis, quarter-finals or whatever takes your fancy…

What are the best eSports betting sites for betting on Starcraft 2?


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Betting on Starcraft 2

There are lots of different eSports betting sites offering Starcraft 2 as a game to bet on. What is important is that you know what tournament or league you want to bet on, have a rough idea of the odds and a grasp of the bonus being offered to you. Ultimately your experience will come down to the eSports betting site who you select to sign up with and your betting selections. With Starcraft 2 leading the pack, shining like a beacon ahead, you can be sure no matter which of our best eSports betting sites you go on to choose you will be able to rest in peace that you will be able to bet on virtually everything related to Starcraft 2. And with our tips you are on a strong path to come out trumps.

Once you have signed up at a eSports betting site, the most common bet for new customers is to bet on which player or which team will win. You might not get the best odds, but a good option is to bet on the players and teams who have a good recent history when it comes to winning the big Starcraft 2 events.

Most of our eSports betting sites will at time to time throw up options to bet on a specific nation, and how far this will get in a particular tournament. What you should remember when betting on Starcraft 2, just like with all other sports, is that it by finding and betting on the underdogs you have the opportunity to make the most of your betting in the long run.

Whilst you can always back the big favorites, the odds will usually be low, so you will have to throw serious money on the table and risk loosing it in order to make decent money.

How is Starcraft 2 played?

The game includes three units: the Terrans, the Zerg, and the Protoss. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty focuses on the Terrans, while the expansions Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void include on the Zerg and Protoss, respectively.

How To Bet On Starcraft II

Starcraft 2 eSports tournaments have long since attracted the attention of online bookmakers such as Betway and Pinnacle. Although it is worth remembering that GosuBet keeps the fun of betting in StarCraft II without the risk of losing real cash. No money is involved, so it’s a nice alternative to real money betting on StarCraft II tournaments. Virtual gamblers enter into the game with 50 StarCraft minerals which are distributed evenly across matches in each game. Odds influence how much you win or lose, and at the end of each season, the the best players can even be awarded with prizes such as money.

But if you do want to bet on Starcraft II for real money, we recommend Betway or Pinnacle.

Doing a little research before the matches and tournaments can go a long way. For example, see if Blizzard, the developers of StarCraft 2 are about to roll out an update. Expansion set Brood War shook things up when it was released in 1998. Arguably the most famous Starcraft 2 expansion pack, it introduced new campaigns, maps, music, extra units for each species, and upgrade advancements. Updates like this can offer some unique betting opportunities.

Starcraft 2 Tournament Events

Currently the biggest pro eSports tournament featuring StarCraft 2 is a monthly tournament called the GomTV Star League. The tournament is based in South Korea. As of the end of 2015 GSL Season 2, GOMTV has given away over 3.6 billion Korean won (over $3.1 million USD) from the individual GSL and Arena of Legends leagues in StarCraft 2.