Heroes of the Storm (HotS) eSports Betting Guide & Live Schedule

Heroes of the Storm, referred to in the eSports industry as HOtS, has quickly become one of the most popular games multiplayer games (MOAB) or as Blizzard prefers to call it “hero brawler” online. It takes pride of place amoungst the majority of our eSports betting sites. In terms of number of bets placed HOtS is the belly of the beast. Right up there with Starcraft 2 and League of Legends betting on HOtS is secret favourite of many eSports punter. The Blizzard team locked themselves away in a lab and came up with the goods. It is true that HOtS is based on previous games by Blizzard, and many of their iconic characters from the previous games are included. But that very much adds to the game. When betting on HOtS you are betting on matches between two teams which consist of five players each.

How to bet on the Heroes of the Storm

Betting on HOtS is no different to betting on any other football match or eSports game. There are a number of major tournaments and leagues to bet on. The biggest tournaments include the Heroes of the Storm World Championship and the HOtS Gold Series. Regardless of the eSports betting site you choose to sign up with we are confident HOtS will be there. Just like in football or hockey the most hassle free bet and probably the best starting point is to bet on which team you think will win a specific match. And just like in other sports, the odds for each team determines your potential profit. In addition betting on the outcome of a particular game, you can also bet on which team or teams will reach a specific part of a HOtS tournament. Heroes of the Storm tournaments often start with group stages before playoffs and then conclude with quarter finals, semi finals and finals.

Heroes of the Storm has loads of different maps. When looking at the currently released maps, eight of the ten have the standard three main lanes where players can fight, while the others have two main lanes, but a separate task based map section. Think of maps as like Old Trafford, The Emirates or the Nou Camp. Certain teams will favour certain maps seeing them as home fixtures, whilst other teams will prefer different maps. Some players will be specialists on certain maps. Doing a bit of research around maps and a little digging into past team and player performances on the various maps can help give you the edge when betting.

The Best Tips & Strategies when betting on Heroes of the Storm

To really milk your returns, when you make a bet on HOtS, it is a good idea to make your selections based on at least some research. Trust us we have been there and proper planning prevents poor performance! Take five minutes to research each eSports team and also do a quick review of the players. Seek out as much information as you can. Just like with football or basketball a team performance a vary from week to week. Factors such as changing formations, any new player transfers and/or coaches, also any recent player international duties can heavily influence the outcome of a match.

When it comes to tools for betting tips, we find the internet is a great tool for getting the latest tips and updates. As a new or even an experienced punter be like a sponge to the internet. Little nuggets of eSports information are scattered all over the place. Remember, any information about teams, players, and other information concerning HOtS is valuable. Take any information you can, keep it to yourself and make informed decisions. We recommend Twitch, to see keep up to date with how eSports teams and players are behaving. Twitch can be described as the the modern day word on the street. Twitch is an especially powerful tool with regards to keeping track of budding players in the lower leagues. Lower leagues often offer higher odds meaning bigger returns. Also a number of the eSports lower league players will gradually make their way up to the top level.

As with other games, when betting watch out for HOtS map updates and any bugs. Teams can often slip up when a game sees any recently rolled out map updates.

Finally, the favourite teams in HOtS will often the team that has played together a long time and gel well together. These teams will know the HOtS maps inside out. They offer a good safe bet and with a high enough stake you will see good returns.

Budget Planning

Once you have a clear betting strategy the next thing to consider is how to make your stake work for your selection. The aim here is of course is to get best returns possible. If a major tournament to take place for a few weeks, you should be all over it. Get in as early as possible with research and place your bets early for best odds. Browse over teams and historical data and statistics then think about what you can afford. Bet with your gut. Just as in other sports, this part of betting sometimes isn’t easy. Best bet is to always only bet with what you can afford to loose. Even if you think a bet is a dead cert and the odds are amazing we recommend dedicated budget planning is a big part of your game. Every individual is different here. But no matter how experienced as a punter you are, and how secure a match may seem, remember there is a very real risk of loss.

Popular tournaments for HOtS betting

There are a number of HOtS tournaments to bet on and get involved with. Our best eSports betting sites often offer special promotions during these tournaments so it is worth signing up for these. One of the most famous events of the eSports calendar is the Heroes of the Storm: Heroes of the Storm World Championship. This is the official HOtS championship, which begins with a number of open tournaments around the world at local and then national levels. Another big HOtS event is the Gold series. This is a league that has many game developers Blizzard’s games. The HOTS arm is called the name Gold Series Heroes League and takes place at the MSI Master Gaming Arena. This is one of the biggest events in the MOAB genre.

All of these upcoming tournaments offer you the opportunity to bet on HOtS!