SMITE eSports Betting Tips & Event Schedule

Smite (SMITE) developed and released by Hi-Rez Studios in March 2014 (beta version available from 2013) allows players to be emerged in a modern action heavy Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. SMITE is available across Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. Recently SMITE was released on macOS during summer 2016.

Generally when browsing our best eSports betting sites you will often find SMITE playing second fiddle and waiting in the wings behind the LoLs and DOTAs of the world. This is because the leading eSports betting sites who have their house in order will more often than not back their chosen horses so to speak. LoL and DOTA 2 are both well oiled machines and from a betting operators perspective guaranteed bums on seats. Reason being that the bulk of gamers today grew up with the isometric camera angle. Throughout the nineties and early noughties the box office smash games like LoL, Diablo, DOTA 2 and Fallout all used a fixed isometric perspective. And so it became the majority of gamers favourite perspective. 

In contrast SMITE is has been developed using a modern third-person perspective. You will find younger pros often gravitate towards SMITE. Gamers accustomed to other types of perspectives tend not to perform so well at SMITE due to being restricted by the camera. In a nutshell SMITE is currently the one of the youngest eSports, a beautiful visual game and betting on it will only continue to grow. 

Where is SMITE match betting available?

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Betting on Smite

As mentioned above with SMITE being relatively new, it means that the game, at the time of writing, is not regularly being promoted. Generally we recommend Betway eSports and Pinnacle Sports should be your first point of call for SMITE. We are confident more eSports betting sites will do more with SMITE betting in the not too distant future. It only came out on August 19th, 2015 for the Xbox One console. And it is one of the first MOBA titles to be playable on a console with a proper controller! Also the gameplay and camera angles during SMITE make it ideal for viewing and even live betting. Also, SMITE is attracting insane prize money, just take a look at the its first annual World Championship. Historically prize money has been a good gage of a games lifespan.

Get betting advantage over Smite

Any lack of betting opportunities should not discourage you from doing your homework. The best way to learn about SMITE is to stream a broadcast of the game. Look out for clips from the final matches during the 2015 World Championships. 

With a bit of digging into teams such as; Team SoloMid, Team Dignitas, COGnitive Prime, Titan, Epsilon eSports, Enemy you should be able to get an edge. With MOBA games what matters are kills, deaths and assists. As with all other eSports games it is important to research maps, key updates and then you should be ready to make bets with your head firmly on your shoulders. 

Tips to follow Smite

The characters in Smite are all based on the gods, goddesses and other mythological elements. Playable characters include characters such as Zeus and Athena. The game features the gods of the Greek, Roman, Chinese, Egyptian, Nordic and the Hindus. In a competitive battles each team’s goal is to destroy the opposing team’s Titan in the enemy camp.

AD Carry : His or her job is to lead the team to victory in the later stage of the game, after starting the game in low key fashion. 

Jungles : Focus here is on killing minions in the jungle for experience and gold. 

Mid : Mop up the midfield and help out as and where needed.

Solo : Help the team in battles and plus other targets when needed. 

Support : Main role is to help teammates. 

Each character level up up (from 1-20) and take on new abilities throughout a game. Gold is awarded during a game. Gold can be used to buy things to raise each players/characters strength in different ways.

SMITE Game modes

There are 5 game modes available in Smite. Each one offers a unique style of play;

  • Conquest. The key features of this map distinguish it from all the other modes. Even after research it might take some time to get used to the gameplay here. The objectives are the Fire Giant and the Gold Fury.
  • Arena. A 5 vs 5 full on deathmatch staged in the legendary Colosseum. The go to game mode for the betting crowd.
  • Assault. Each player is assigned a random god and then they must take charge of a single lane. Here any ability to recall is disabled. The objective mirrors Conquest: Destroy the enemy team’s two towers, Phoenix, and then knock out their Titan. Assault features a hip Norse visual theme.
  • Joust. This is a small medieval themed map with just one lane and a jungle path on each side of it. As the name implies, each team is made up of 3 gods who will joust it out in this single lane. This is the first mode where you will encounter the main objectives of the game: Towers, Phoenixes and, most importantly, Titans. Your main goal in this mode, and every other mode except Arena and the Match of the Days based on that, is destroying the enemy Titan.
  • Siege. Consists of two lanes with a jungle in the middle. The map is located in the belly of the Mayan jungle.
  • Clash. Clash is a five a side game that features a map with two lanes. Each lane has one tower and a Phoenix. The aim is to destroy enemy objectives, including of course the enemy Titan. Best described as a middleground between the Conquest and Arena game modes. Conquest’s Gold Fury and Fire Giant jungle bosses feature here.
  • Match of the Day (AKA MotD) This is based on one of the other maps, but with an element of fun thrown in.
  • Domination. Domination used to be a regular mode that was removed from SMITE on January 8, 2014. It was possible to play it through MotD until end November 2014. Now the Domination game mode is completely removed from SMITE.

Tournaments for professional players

SMITEs biggest event to date was held on January 2015 and was held in Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and welcomed 2750 people. The total prize pool was up just over $2.6 million USD, with $1.3 million USD for the first place and just over $522000 USD for second. Hi-Rez Studios proudly organise the event themselves and feature pro star players from the eight best professional teams in the world. 

The next SMITE World Championship is due to to take place January 5th-8th, 2017. The event will be hosted during the Hi-Rez Expo again at the famous Cobb Energy Centre with similar capacity limit as previous years.