Where to bet on SMITE eSports Events?

smite-iconReleased in spring 2014 Smite (stylised SMITE) is fully 3D F2P third multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) which was developed and published by the guys over at Hi-Rez Studios. SMITE was released for MS Windows on March 25, 2014 with the XBox console offering hitting the shelves on August 19, 2015 and PS4 following on May 31, 2016.

SMITE carries its weight within the gaming community which is something of an achievement given the number of truly great MOBAs that are on the circuit. Arguably Hi-Rez Studios breathed new life on the MOBA genre tackling SMITE from a fresh angle.

Where can I find the best bonus for betting on SMITE?

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What are the best eSports betting sites for betting on SMITE?


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During SMITE gameplay players take on the visage of a god or other mythological figure and battle in arenas crafted for team warfare. Using skills and team tactics against other player controlled gods or figures and also against computer controlled minions. The basic goal in SMITE is true to MOBA form. Before players start they are given gold (usually 1,500) to buy items. Then the two teams of five begin at opposite sides of a map at their very own fountain. From here they must battle their way through waves of towers and scores of minions with the clear mission of destroying the opposing sides Titan building. Although unlike most other MOBA games, SMITE enjoys a third person camera view and unique controls that allow players to get up close and personal with the fight.

There are currently over 60 playable Gods inspired by various mythologies around the world including Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Mayan, Norse, Japanese and Roman. In fact, so real is the depiction of Hindu gods that some Hindus became upset prompting some Hindu leaders to act. Notably President Rajan Zed of the Universal Society of Hinduism pleaded with Hi-Rez to remove the Hindu gods from SMITE. He had a point, since players control the gods, this could easily be seen as offensive to hard line Hindus. But this didnt deter Hi-Rez who have since built upon the games Hindu god offering.

SMITE is such a beast of a title and easy to make money on that finding an eSports betting site offering SMITE is easy and we aim help you find the best bonus for your SMITE betting and offer tips along the way. Conquest is the most popular game mode for betting. Other game modes you might encounter during SMITE are Joust, Assault and Siege. Careful as different game modes feature very different goals for the teams and the players so it is worth doing some research pre game.

Top teams to watch out for when betting include Epsilon eSports, COGnitive Prime, Titan Team Dignitas, Enemy and Team SoloMid. Follow these and you will be on the right path.


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Smite Betting

Betting on SMITE is very similar to betting other eSports games such as Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. Betting on the winner of a match or tournament is common place and what we would suggest to get going. As time goes on you could do a lot worse than to explore how far a team will get in a specific tournament or what place a team will end up in a league. By doing just a little bit of research it is easy to get see results. Many of the pro teams are not easily phased by big events and consistently perform well. By backing the bigger teams, which will undoubtably be favourites, you will be risking less of your cash. However to grasp those juicy odds on SMITE it is better to do your homework on underdog teams, many of which can easily reach the semi finals or finals.

For those of you who are loyal to your country most of the big SMITE tournaments will have an option to bet on how far a specific country will go in the tournament. This can be a good option if you have high expectations for example of the Korean players but are unable to decide narrow things down to an exact team. This will broaden your scope and while it will result in a lower odds, you should enjoy a much higher probability of winning.

Smite Betting – Strategy

With SMITE being a relatively new game SMITE betting is still finding its feet. With regards to betting strategy it is a good idea to be familiar with the top teams and players, the tournaments and the games quirky features. To be able to bag serious cash you can look into betting systems. If you bet on, for example, three or more matches your combined odds are multiplied and in doing this you are maxing your profit. Obviously the risk of loosing your stake when playing several matches in a system is high, but if you keep up to date on various teams starting squad and formations risks should be reduced.

SMITE is a relatively new game although that isn’t to say that there aren’t small tweaks and bug fixes rolled out by Hi-Rez which impact the game. Try to stay one step ahead and be quick to adapt your betting to incorporate changes. Often the teams who have grown strong on particular map, will be crushed in the wake of Hi-Rez updating a map.

Always do a bit of digging online about SMITE before you place any bets. It is important to be ahead of the game with regards to coaches and their players and team selections. Sometimes when a team bring in a new player a teams gel is weakened for a few games. Team changes have been proven to have big implications in the past so it is a good idea to watch out for these in order to make your bets count.

Smite – Tournaments and Games

Being a top flight eSports game SMITE naturally brings out the big guns for its World championship which enjoys one of the largest prizes in eSports.

The first SMITE World Championship was hosted by its developer Hi-Rez Studios and took place in January 2015. Teams from the US, South America, China and the EU traveled to Atlanta in the states for the tournament. COGnitive Prime were victorious and bagged $1.3 million.

The total prize pool of $2.6 million for the SMITE event was at the time the third highest in the industries history, even ahead of the LOL World Championships. In January 2016, the event was returned to Atlanta with a total prize of $1 million awarded. Winners here were Epsilon eSports with Enemy hot on their heels.

The SMITE World Championship is set to will return to the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta, Georgia on January 5th-8th

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